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Why is checkpay refusing to enter my payment?

I am trying to send a check with check pay. Every time I try to enter it, I see the usual dialog asking me to confirm payment. When I do, the following dialog then shows up (see image).

The dialog tells me I still have payments available this month (on May 31). But after I click DONE, the dialog goes away and the check payment IS NOT ENTERED. I tried several times, no joy. I backed up my file and validated it (no errors), try again, still no joy.

Hello Quicken...? Help!


  • Rx
    Rx Member ✭✭
    An update: the payment went through this morning. It seems like Quicken was doing something "special" at the end of the month, despite my having 4 checks and 8 QuickPay entries still available. I hope Quicken fixes this, and in the interim, be careful about waiting until the last day of the month to send out payments!!
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