Why does hitting Enter in a Bill Reminder just erase the reminder but doesn't put in Register

At least 75% of the time, when I hit Enter on a Bill reminder, instead of allowing me to edit amount, change payment date, set Type, etc, the Reminder just disappears without any action being taken, mainly, entering into register. If it went in there, even not correct, I could at least fix it. Basically, the reminder is only good for telling me to create the transaction myself directly in the Register.
I'm on R26.23 and Win 7 but this issue has been around for more releases than I can recall, some better than others

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  • DanKinman
    DanKinman Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm discounting installation issues as the software is installed in 2 machines, my old Win7 with many updates but also a clean install on a brand new Win10 unit; both access same data file. However, after more thought, this problem I see is not a random event I don't think; the Reminders for the same bills fail each month and the ones that work, work each month....I think.
    Anyway, I'm comparing how each were made and possibly regenerating some. And since nobody else seems to have this issue, I tend to assume it's my workflow that's the problem.

    I will verify the data file just in case and also keep your comments handy.
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