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No category for my question

I'm trying to ask a question that doesn't seem to fit any of your pre-selected categories. Therefore, when I pick a category that seems close to my question, I receive a rejection that says my question doesn't match any of your categories. It would be helpful if your categories included something called OTHER, which would allow the user to create a category that does not' exist in your list.


  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    And just WHAT IS that question?  And, can you copy/paste one of those rejections here?  Because the system does NOT reject based upon content of the message ... it's not that smart.
    A Moderator can reject a question ... but they usually just move the question to the proper category.
    EVEN if you posted a question that's actually about Quickbooks, rather than Quicken, it wouldn't be rejected ... we'd just direct you to the Quickbooks forum.
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