Validate says transfers appear to be damaged...delete and recreate...Is this necessary?

OS: Windows 8.1. I upgraded from Quicken Deluxe 2002 (Canada edition) to current 2020 subscription. I still have version 2002 operating in a virtual environment so I can compare everything as I haven't entered new data in version 2020. All balances match and from what I can tell, everything converted accurately. I did a Validate in version 2002 before the conversion and it didn't find any problems. I did it in release 2020 R25.24 and it reads in part:

Validating your data.
No errors.
No read errors.
All internal consistency checks passed.
[Tue Jun 02 15:27:42 2020]
The following transaction(s) involving transfers appear to be damaged.
You should delete them and recreate as appropriate.

There are numerous transactions listed over several pages. I started looking at them to see if there is any commonality. For example:
1) Was a transfer from another account. Selecting “Go to matching transfer” takes me to the other account. I do the same in the other account and it says “The transfer transaction is to an account that no longer exists in Quicken.” The account does in fact exist; I was just looking at it.
2) I entered a temp transaction with no category just to remind myself of a large upcoming payment I need to make to ensure there is enough money left to do so. It’s not a transfer, yet it shows up on this list.
3) There is an opening balance that is identified. It is not a transfer, but apparently after I created this account 20 years ago, I added some entries before this one which show another account in the Category so they were effectively transfers to another account. However, they aren't on this list.
4) Many entries aren’t transfers, but nothing is shown in the Category. I thought that might be the issue, but there are many others that aren't categorized that don't show up on this list

It ends as follows:

1 scheduled transactions corrected
Normal security references (up to 5000): 20 from 1 to 20
Abnormal references: 0 from 0 to 0
Page 5
Transactions renumbered/highest/set to zero: 0/0/0
Recheck of highest after renumbering: 19
Renumbering complete.
Maximum security references after renumbering normal/moved: 20/20
See Q-Renumber.txt in QW.EXE directory for details.
Validation has completed.
Page 6

QUESTION: These issues appear to be inconsequential. Is it really necessary to go back and delete and recreate these transactions? They don't appear to be any different than what shows in my 2002 version so I suspect it is some kind of anomaly in my original version 2002 data file. Thus, I expect that going through a re-conversion process isn't going to yield a different result. I expect that if I don't manually fix these, that any future Validate will show the same things, but I can keep a copy of the Validate report for comparison. if I attempt to fix them, I suspect I may make things worse or may not achieve anything of value, never mind the many hours this would require.


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    I finally called Tech Support and got though immediately. The person I spoke with confidently said not to worry about it. As long as my balances all match, I am OK. I guess I could have avoided posting in the first place, but maybe this will help someone else who is faced with the same issue.
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