Sort by Due date in Bills & Income tab

Currently, in the Bills & Income tab, sort by date only sorts the due date of bill reminders that are not linked to Billers. Bills that are linked to billers do not show a next due date, and are sorted to the bottom of the list.

This has resulted in missing some payments when Quicken did not receive the electronic bill, or didn't show the next bill as due. I have received paper bills when the electronic bill was not posted by the biller. Since the Bill and Income Reminder data is available, the next due date should be displayed in the Bills & Income tab and sorted whether linked or not linked to a biller.
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  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello All,

    This idea seems to have fallen stagnant and due to the age of the request and lack of user votes/comments, will be archived within the next 7 business days.

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    This seems like a very useful improvement. Hard to believe you can't see/sort on due date for linked bills. 

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