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It has been a while since looking at the community site. Since there was no useful solution to the rounding issue on shares being bought other than "just live with it". I decided to contact the head of IT for WF for a solution. I traced when the problem started and informed the Quicken group and they done nothing to try to solve it. It may seem like a small issue but when a person is reconciling hundreds of trades, it "is an issue" to go in individually and change each transaction, so living with it is not an option. So far, the community is batting zero for help. Stay safe and well everyone.


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    The rounding problem can steam from multiple sources.

    But the OFX data that Quicken gets comes directly from the brokers and I have definitely seen where they will send a truncated amount of decimal points to Quicken in comparison to what is on their website.  If that is what is happening in this case there isn't anything Quicken can do about it.  Check the OFX logs to verify that.
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    I've seen a variant with this issue in my Fidelity Investments accounts.
    In general, the issue is that Fidelity TRUNCATES the fractional pennies while Q ROUNDS them (using standard 5/4 rounding).  So, I'm frequently off by a penny in one or more positions.
    The only possible resolution that I see (since every FI presumably handles the issue differently) is to give the users an account-level option  to round or truncate.
    OR, there's my current solution of "Don't sweat the small stuff".
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