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Are there any plans to increase the number of Quick Pay / Check Pay transactions per month?

This will be a deal breaker. If you want to have a certain number that is included in subscription and additional transactions have a fee, fine. But if you just make a limit with no option to exceed that limit, I will have to use a different software option.

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  • TheWeasel
    TheWeasel Member ✭✭
    This is a big problem for me.
    1 of my 2 AT&T accounts says biller added, bill not available - but it is. Have to send a check. ComEd bill is download but says doesn't support this biller. Have to send a check. Nicor, which was free with Bill Pay, now wants $2.99 for e-pay. Have to send a check. My credit union HELOC say waiting for next bill. It shows up an their website and I have the bill in hand. Have to send a check. Well ... I just ran out of checks for June. This sucks!
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