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Duplicate Downloads with Discover Bank

Since last month's "upgrade" at Discover Bank, I am once again getting duplicate transaction downloads into Quicken Premier 2020 (Windows 10) with different FITIDs along with missing Downloaded Payee data for some transactions.

The problem is obvious when I look at a .QFX (which I don't use). I use One Step Update and/or individually update my account from within Quicken.

Ticket submitted at Discover Bank. Probably won't get any attention unless more people complain. I've asked Quicken to apply pressure on Discover Bank to fix this (waste of time).

I had a nearly identical problem 2.5 years ago and it took Discover Bank 2.5 months to fix it.

If you're having the same problem, PLEASE complain to Discover Bank!

<Quicken user since late 80s>

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  • TheMcMillins
    TheMcMillins Member
    I too am getting duplicate transactions with Discover... it seems more tied to using the mobile web app with that account as I do not have any problems with the discover accounts that are not on my mobile quicken app.
  • dj_larson
    dj_larson Member ✭✭
    So are you saying that the cause of the duplicate transactions from Discover Bank is if you have Quicken Mobile App activated?
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