Quicken Slow to Process Transactions - Testing Data Included

After a fresh install using QCleanUI.exe, I can enter a manual transaction in my brokerage account and after I hit enter to submit the transaction, it takes 1 second to save. I can then close/reopen the program multiple times and still it only takes 1 second to process transactions.

Perfect, right? Not so fast...

Then I do a One Step Update and connect to my financial institutions to download transactions. In this case, I didn't have any transactions to download at all. Now I go back to the same account and enter another manual transaction. Instead of taking 1 second to save after I hit enter, it now takes 5-6 seconds. From this point forward, it always takes 5-6 seconds now to process any transaction. Even if I close/restart the application and enter a transaction without doing a One Step Update, it still takes 5-6 seconds to process.

Interestingly enough, I tried a fresh install and connected to my Financial Institutions one at a time, and the processing time of a transaction got progressively slower. So the process was as follows:

1. Applied a Fresh Install using QCleanUI.exe

2. Added a Manual Transaction (1 second to process)

3. Ran a One Step Update for Financial Institution #1 by itself, no transactions downloaded

4. Added a Manual Transaction (1.5 seconds to process)

5. Repeated Steps 3 & 4 for each of my 9 Financial Institutions, and each time the manual transaction following the update took longer and longer, adding roughly a half a second per Financial Institution. After the 9th Financial Institution had been updated, a manual transaction was taking between 5-6 seconds to process.

6. Ran a complete One Step Update for all financial institutions.

7. Added a Manual Transaction (5-6 seconds to process)

8. Repeated Steps 6 & 7 multiple times, but the manual transactions never got any slower after that, still taking 5-6 seconds to process.

Interesting, right? No transactions are being downloaded, so that can't be the problem. The only thing that's happening is the connection to the Financial Institution for the first time. That's the key, figuring out what happens there.

So my technical questions are as follows:

1. What happens when the One Step Update is run for the first time? (files created/updated, database entries created, etc)

2. After running the One Step Update, is it possible to reset things back to the "Fresh Install" state?

A fix would be great, I'd love to be able to use the One Step Update as well as process transactions in 1 second.

Thanks for your help =)


  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @today32

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I have a couple of questions here. How long has this issue been happening? You mentioned previously using a qclean and it helping you with your transactions. When you run the OSU do you update each account individually or do you update them all at once normally? Did you recently move to the subscription version and how large is your file?

    Have you tried to validate and repair the file? I think you may have based on trying to uninstall and reinstall but I'll link the steps just in case you haven't. This article here will actually have a couple of troubleshooting steps in general for files.The validate and repair will be under the fourth step. If you have tried that already next would be to try a super validate. To activate it when you go across the top to file -> File Operations. From here hold CTRL + Shift on your keyboard and click on validate and repair. This will pop up the super validate option. 

    When you get a chance let us know how it goes and any additional information!


    Quicken Francisco




  • today32
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    Here's a timeline of everything I tried as a precursor to my original post:

    1. Used Quicken 2019 (no subscription, just purchased the software), and everything worked smoothly. Transactions would take around 1-2 seconds to process after being submitted/accepted.

    2. At the beginning of May, I was forced to upgrade to the 2020 version of the software and begin my online subscription for the first time.

    3. After installing 2020 and running my first One-Step Update (for all Financial Institutions), it was taking between 7-8 seconds to process a single transaction.

    4. I then tried doing a Validate/Repair and that improved things a little bit, but it was still taking 5-6 seconds to process one transaction.

    5. I then tried a Super Validate and that had no effect on the processing time.

    6. Then I tried uninstalling the 2020 software, running QCleanUI.exe and then re-installing 2020. Then before doing my first OSU, I manually added a transaction (took 1 second to process) and then deleted the transaction (took 1 second to process). I then closed/reopened the software and tried adding/deleting the same transaction, and it was still just taking 1 second.

    7. Then after doing a complete OSU for all Financial Institutions (which yielded no new downloaded transactions), I added the same test transaction and it was now taking 5-6 seconds to process. I then deleted the test transaction and it too was taking 5-6 seconds to process.

    8. From this point on, you can read back in my original post at the numbered list of steps I took. SUMMARY: After uninstalling, then running QCleanUI.exe, and then doing a fresh install, transactions take 1 second to process regardless of how many times i close/reopen the software. After running a complete OSU connecting to 9 Financial Institutions (which yield no downloaded transactions), it then takes 5-6 seconds to process a manual transaction from that point forward, even if I close/reopen the software and immediately process a test transaction without running OSU.

    A few other notes:

    When I add/delete a transaction for testing purposes, I enter the exact same transaction in the exact same account, and then delete that transaction.

    In my typical day-to-day usage of the software, I run a complete OSU to check all financial institutions at the same time. I only ran them 1 at a time for testing purposes, to see if i could isolate a single institution connection as being a problem (but that wasn't the case).

    Thanks Francisco, I appreciate your time and thoughts =)
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    edited June 2020
    If you used Quicken 2019, it was a subscription.  I suspect you meant Quicken 2017 as Online Services for Quicken 2017 were discontinued on April 30th.

    There is another thread on One Step Update performance that appears to point to a relatively recent scalability issue with the Express Web Connect connection method: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7875301/osu-taking-too-long/p1
  • today32
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    I'm sorry... Yes, you are correct @Sherlock, it was Quicken 2017.
  • today32
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    Again, just to re-iterate, the length of time it takes for the OSU to complete is not an issue for me, it's that the very first OSU run after a fresh install causes the processing time on a single transaction to go from 1 second to 5-6 seconds (1 second plus 0.5 seconds per Financial Institution, in my case 9. Read my initial post to see how my testing yielded those results).

    So I'm basically looking for a way to run the OSU and then reset the software back to the same state it was in at the moment after the Fresh Install.
  • Sherlock
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    Are you using the Express Web Connect connection method with all 9 financial institutions?   If not, it would be interesting to know if the degradation you're experiencing is introduced when you update a financial institution that does not use the Express Web Connect connection method.

    I can think of a number of things that happen when we run One Step Update for the first time on a fresh install but I don't know if they're relevant yet as I'm not able to reproduce your symptoms.  Note: I do not use the Express Web Connect connection method, online bills, or sync to the Quicken Cloud.
  • today32
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    7 are Direct Connect, and 2 are Express Web Connect.

    So after a fresh install, I did 9 separate iterations of testing:

    1. Initial OSU for Financial Institution #1 by itself, then timed the processing on a test transaction.
    2. Then OSU for Financial Institution #2 by itself, then timed the processing on a test transaction.
    3. Repeated the process all the way through #9. Coincidentally, the first 7 iterations of testing (#1-#7) were Direct Connect, and the 2 final iterations (#8-#9) were Express Web Connect.

    As I ran through each testing iteration, I observed that each time an OSU was run for the first time for a given financial institution, it added roughly 0.5 seconds to the processing time of my test transaction immediately following the OSU. I slowly worked my way from 1 second all the way to 5-6 seconds, stepping up half a second after each iteration of testing. There did not seem to be any difference between whether the connection was Direct Connect or Express Web Connect.

    I do notice however, that during the OSU processing itself, the 7 that are Direct Connect will connect and download in less than 5 seconds each, but the 2 that are Express Web Connect will take at least a minute for each one.

    Like you, I do not use Online Bills and I do not sync to the Quicken Cloud. I also turned off the Download Quotes for testing purposes. I use the pop-up registers, classic menus and have animations turned off. Basically anything that requires additional resources, I have turned off. When a transaction is submitted, the software re-draws the entire screen, even stuff that's open in the background. With the 2017 version, I discovered that going to pop-up registers and the classic menu really helped to speed up the re-drawing process.
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