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Combine accounts?

My credit card company changed my credit card number. I screwed up in editing the account in Quicken, and chose "add" instead of "link." I now have two accounts with duplicate information for the past month, and the new account does not have the old transactions. Can I combine them into one account with all the transactions? TIA.

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  • UKR
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    OTOH, in a similar situation I just continued using the new account because it was now set up properly for downloading.
    To fix up any problems, all I had to do was to clean up duplicate transactions appearing in both accounts: determine which account they belong to and delete the duplicate(s) in the other account. Next I created a transfer transaction to transfer the closing balance of the old account to the new account and marked the old account register closed in Quicken. (No, I did not delete the old account register, because I needed the transaction history.)
  • That worked. Thank you.
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