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Has anybody experienced difficulty opening a data file? (Q Mac)

Received the following message:
"Quicken seems to be having a problem opening the current file XXXXX:
Some issues opening a file can be solved by clearing defaults such as the last window viewed. Would you like Quicken to clear these defaults before opening the file again or would you like to open another file such as a backup?"

There are three selections:
Open Backup File
Open Another File
Open Current File

I selected to open the current file in hopes that Quicken would clear the defaults as shown above, but the file will not open.



  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    In the past 10 years of helping with Quicken based on the "new" code (Essentials-2020), I have never heard of this error. I question if this error is coming from Quicken, the MacOS, or a third party utility you may have installed. 

    Out of curiosity, where is your data file being stored? Is it on any web/network storage? Synced to some cloud backup? 
  • John_in_NC: After a delay of several hours, the data file finally opened. The data was stored in my documents folder on iCloud. I attempted to open the current data file being used, that was open at a time when power was interrupted to my iMac. The good news is that all data was present when the file finally reopened. Thanks for your response.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Gott  Storing your data file on a Cloud service is not supported and strongly discouraged. Odd problems crop up, and you can get locked out of your data. Do yourself a favor and move your data file to your local machine. You can use iCloud for your backups if you want.
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