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Merging two Quicken QDF fildes

Is there a way to merge two quicken qdf files? I had to reset up because USAA stopped doing the express download. Now my Jan - Mid May transactions and Mid May to June is in another. How can I combine them?

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  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Besides your USAA accounts, are there any other differences between the 2 files?
    Because it's QUITE difficult to merge QDF files.
    Your best bet is to download the new USAA transactions into the old QDF.
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  • colnana08
    colnana08 Member
    I did try switching the original account. It readded the accounts and only updated the last 45 days of transactions leaving the rest of the previous year missing. Ideas?
  • colnana08
    colnana08 Member
    I just tried it again following the directions on the link above. Had to tweak it a little (link instead of add accounts) but I'm back on track now. THANK YOU!!!
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