quicken crashing on startup

Ran quicken fine on Monday night and Tuesday night but tonight it won't start. Briefly flashes my opening (home) window (for about one second) and then goes to the crash popup. Anyone else seeing this?

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  • wsmshell
    wsmshell Member
    After using Quicken each night, the last thing I do is a backup. So, after starting Quicken with the Ctrl key pressed, as you instructed, I pointed it to my Tuesday night (6/9/2020) backup file. "Find Quicken File" found this file for me. When Quicken opened it asked me to sign into quicken.com which I did. After that, Quicken went to my opening page and appears to have all the data through Tuesday night. No crashes so far (fingers crossed). I have two days worth of data to enter tonight so I'm hoping that everything goes smooth. Thanks for your assistance. Obviously, if I run into any more problems I'll be back on here asking for more help! Thanks again! Scott
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