Paycheck entry pops up "Is this the payment for this scheduled bill or deposit.."

I have a scheduled/recurring paycheck deposit for every two weeks in a checking account. I set it up fresh about three months ago.

Every two weeks I go into the checking account, click on Bill & Income Reminders and click "Enter" next to the scheduled paycheck. Every time I now get pop-up windows asking "Is this the payment for this scheduled bill or deposit" followed by an account name, a date, an amount and usually something tied to a totally different category (e.g. "company expenses" that I created).

There will always be a minimum of two pop-ups with different dates and amounts. I think I have seen three pop-ups in the past.

Why are these appearing and how do I get rid of them? Quicken 2018 never had this problem.

This paycheck is the ONLY scheduled transaction I have in my entire file.



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    Why not delete the scheduled paycheck entry from Bill and Income Reminders and then go into the "memorized payee list" and in the window labeled "payee name' enter the name of your employer.
    In the window labeled "type of transaction" select "deposit." 
    In the "amount" window enter the amount (If it's the same every payday)

    I do this with my monthly Social Security check. In my Quicken register in the "Payee" window, I just start typing Social Security but by the time I enter "So" it automatically shows Social Security and the amount in the pop-up window so I can just click on "Social Security" and it automatically puts it in the payee window. Click "save" and you're done.  Don't forget to select the date of the deposit if it is different from the day you are using the register.

    Someone else may have another solution but this works for me and it is simple and quick.

  • Sorry, but that's not even remotely close to what I expect Quicken to do or what it has done in the past. I guess you don't enter your own paychecks in Quicken (you enjoy the retired life, hopefully). Entering a paycheck allows me to track taxes, deductions, 401K, etc. Entering a deposit like you mentioned simply lets me say how much net income I received every two weeks. Completely meaningless to me.

    Does anyone have a real idea on how to solve this problem?

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    Is there a chance that Quicken is getting confused by you using the same Payee Name for a Paycheck Reminder and a different transaction? You mentioned company expenses.
    If that's the case, change one or both to use distinct Payee Names,
    e.g., ACME Anvils {Paycheck}
    and  ACME Anvils {Expense Rpt}
  • I have thought about that. Yes, both names are identical. However, the company expenses are not a scheduled transaction so I have no idea why Quicken suddenly thinks a paycheck (which is a scheduled transaction) would even remotely match a non-scheduled.

    I will try this with my next pay check which won't be for a couple of weeks now.
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