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Quicken only downloads activity from one of two cards in a joint Citi Cards account

My wife has a Citi Card Costco Visa, and I have a secondary card on it (same base number, different last few digits). Up until a couple months ago, transaction downloading worked fine. Then it stopped altogether, and I followed the advice of deactivating/reactivating the online services. Ever since, Quicken has only been downloading the activity for my card, not for the main account. Bug, feature? I didn't notice any place in the setup dialogs where I could select multiple card numbers. Note that the Account Number in Quicken is the main account number, not the secondary card, so if anything I'd expect the missing activity to be of the secondary card instead.

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    Hi @Bill van Melle,

    My experience with a similar situation (2 Visa cards - one primary and the other secondary - but we have a different bank - not Citi) is that you need to have the primary holder's card setup for download because only that card has the ability to download all transactions from both cards.  The secondary holder's card (your card in this instance) can only download that card's transactions.

    My suggestion is that you deactivate in Quicken the current "connection" and then setup a new connection using your wife's account ID and password.  And as part of the reactivation process, make sure that you do not setup your card, even if that option seems to be available. 

    Let me know how this goes or if you have any followup questions.


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  • Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't really apply to us. The Quicken connection already uses "her" Citi sign-in. (I put "her" in quotes, because there's only one online account anyway, but it greets whichever of us logs into it by her name, so I guess that makes it hers.)
  • Thanks, I think I have it working now, doing a subset of what you said. I had been using "Express Web Connect". I didn't need to do the registering with Citi, as it showed Quicken was already so registered (note for anyone else trying this, the link you gave only works if you're already logged into Citi).

    So all I needed to do was Deactivate, clear the Financial Institution, then come back and activate online services, choosing "Citi Cards" as the institution (I think previously it had been CIti Bank). There wasn't any step in which I selected Direct Connect, but it looks like I got it anyway.
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    In the case of some financial institutions they support multiple connection methods, and as such you have a chance to select between them.  In the case of Citi if you put Citibank it only has the option for Express Web Connect.  If you select CitCards it only have the option for Direct Connect.
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