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PNC Problems with Subscription Service

I've been having problems with PNC accounts downloading ever since I transitioned over to the Quicken Starter Subscription Service. It first started with the accounts not downloading correctly at all so I uninstalled and reinstalled and then let the Quicken and PNC services work it out. I ended up losing years worth of data but figured I would just live with it. Since then I've had off and on problems updating. Usually it sorts itself out in a day or so but now there's one account that lost the entire month of May entries. It jumps from April to June even though there were multiple transactions during the missing time. I'm considering dropping Quicken because it just doesn't provide me with usable information on a regular basis. I don't see a lot of information on the Quicken subscription version so I'm wondering if that is my problem.

I've got version R26.23 and Build

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