Link Quicken accounts

I maintain several businesses that I own and my personal information in Quicken. I would like to be able to link those accounts for reporting purposes. In other words, I have Company A, Company B and my personal accounts. I would like to create total net worth and other reports at the personal level showing my net worth including the businesses.


  • NotACPA
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    What Q; Product are you running, what BUILD of that product (find this info in HELP, About Quicken) and how do you currently have those companies set-up in Q.
    Because for many years, I ran my now late wife's consulting business, my consulting business and our personal finances set up in a single data file in Q Home & Business.
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    I have to ask... "why can't you do that?"
    I'm guessing the various Quicken products work pretty much the same so if I wanted a Net Worth report that included everything I'd customize the report to include all Accounts, All Categories, all Payees, all Tags, all Securities, plus any other selection criteria (if any) that might exist under the Advanced tab. 
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