Product Improvements Required for Quicken for Windows Subscription

Just upgraded to the new subscription service. The product really needs improvement in the Investment tools. Please consider updates for the following:

1. Please improve overall performance of the Investment Registers. I had hoped the new software would improve performance over 2017 Premiere, but it does not. Register entries for investment accounts are so slow now as to be useless.

2. If I adjust column width settings in the Holdings window, they should be remembered for the next time. I should not have to adjust them every time I open the Holdings window. Also, I should also be able to set columns to display in an order I prefer (to match my statement, for example).

3. The Investment Transaction window now erases the entry for the Security Name after entering a transaction and advancing to enter the next transaction. Previous software kept Type, Date and Security Name as previously typed. This was convenient as it is frequently necessary to enter more than one transaction for the same security. Retyping long security names everytime is not tolerable.

Thanks for the consideration of these improvements.
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  • NotACPA
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  • Chris_QPW
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    #1 Not likely, they haven't changed the guts/performance of the investment accounts in all the years I have used Quicken (since 1992) I don't expect them to change it now.

    #2 Yeah this is a complaint that has been going on again for years if not forever.  Hopefully some day they will do this one, it can't be that hard.

    #3 This was actually done "on purpose", so it is not likely to be changed.  I don't like the change either, but it centers on giving other users a request to search for the security by typing part of it, and  some complaints based on getting that behavior to work how these people expected it to work.
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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    @taylorda1 : for the purposes of this forum, it's best to submit each suggestion separately for voting. You are unlikely to get votes on several ideas lumped together.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    [edit] On item 1, about how long does it take for Quicken to respond to a new transaction? This can be affected by the number of transactions in the account, among other factors, and there are steps you can take to improve the speed. To see how many transactions are in an account, go to Tools > Account list and look in the Number of Transactions column. If the column is not displayed, click on Options at the bottom left and add it.

    On item 3, this was apparently an intentional change. Note however that what you type for the security name now performs a "contains" search that includes the ticker, so for example if the security name is Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund Admiral Shares, you can type "int" (without the quotes) and pick from a much shorter list, or VTABX.
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  • taylorda1
    taylorda1 Member
    Thanks Jim_Harman. Didn't know you could type the ticker symbol. That will help. I know these choices can be personal preference, but I still prefer typing nothing at all when entering the second and third transactions.

    As for the number of transactions, do you mean all transactions (37,284) or just the Investment accounts (327). Either number seems more than reasonable for modern (even old) databases. It is particularly noticeable in the Investment accounts where after entry, Quicken calculates for about 11-13 seconds before giving back the cursor. I read a lot of complaints about this, just hope it gets addressed before Quicken becomes truly unusable.

    Frankly the number of transactions surprised me. I would have guessed much, much more. Now I'm wondering how the update from 2017 to 2020 subscription really went. My bottom line totals are correct but now I'm wondering if all transactions came across? None-the-less, speed issue was bad and deteriorating in 2017 and certainly didn't improve with R27.28.
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