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Unable to complete the ONline Setup omy CapitalOne credit card to connect and download transactions

Every time I start the process while following the sequence of screens displayed, this is what I see and quite frankly once I get to this point Quicken become unresponsive and I end up having to kill the process through Task Manager.

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  • Sigfrido GarciaSigfrido Garcia Member ✭✭
    More than a question I wanted to make you aware of the problem that I have been experiencing and not being able to overcome it other than logging onto the Capital One Website and manually downloading a file with the transactions that I need to match up with the entries I have in the register for that credit rac.
  • Sigfrido GarciaSigfrido Garcia Member ✭✭
    BTW, Quicken error cc-501 every time I try to setup my Capital One credit card and it has nothing to do with my credentials since I can get onto the Capital One website just fine.
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