Check transaction match with bank return data using direct connect

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On 6/18 I wrote check 2561 to RJS Heating and Cooling, but when Chase returned the transaction it came back as check 2561 written on 6/18 with a Payee of "Check 2561".

Is there a way to get Quicken to recognize that this is the same transaction as the check I wrote?

I use direct connect to Chase.

If I didn't miss an option about bank transaction return matching, this would be a no-brainer enhancement for the Quicken product.

-- Thanks, Verne


  • jacobs
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    @vernea  Could you clarify something: did you manually enter the check in Quicken when you wrote it, and now you got a duplicate from Chase. If so, drag your manual transaction on top of the downloaded transaction; Quicken should merge them.

    If you did not enter anything manually, and all you have is the downloaded transaction from Chase, I'm not sure how you're expecting to get the Payee name. Chase doesn't run your checks through optical character recognition to identify the payee; on your bank statement, checks simply show up as "Check 1234". 
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