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I'm no longer able to connect to download my Avant card. Is this temporary?

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  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2020
    Hi @violaguy,

    What error message/codes are you receiving.  Also, can you tell us which versions and builds of both Quicken & Windows you are using?

    In Quicken - go to "Help" > then "About Quicken"

    In Windows - type "system info" in the Search box > the click on the "system Information" icon



    Quicken H&B-Subscription - Ver. R29.20 - Build  - Windows 10 Home - Ver. 2004
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  • violaguy
    violaguy Member ✭✭
    Quicken R26.23 Build

    Windows: 10 Home version: 10.0.18363
  • violaguy
    violaguy Member ✭✭
    Message says: Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault.)
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