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Issues updating Citi Credit Card accounts (updated title)



  • hyemmhyemm Member ✭✭
    thanks for the helpful reply
  • taffeystaffeys Member ✭✭
    > @hyemm said:
    > thanks for the helpful reply

    Anytime. You are welcome. Have you spoken with CitiBank yet?
  • hyemmhyemm Member ✭✭
    Yes. Useless. They say they cannot help because it is a third party software problem. Had a long, acrimonious conversation with them that led nowhere. On the phone with Quicken now for about an hour
  • taffeystaffeys Member ✭✭
    Well, you are persistent! Hope you get all three of them talking and it ends in a solution. I only have a CitiCard (Costco); most all of my banking is with my local credit union that I have been with for decades after being abused by several "big" banks many times.
  • UnknownUnknown Member
    This has been broken for days now, CC-601 and or "it's not you fault"
  • hyemmhyemm Member ✭✭
    I spent over 1 hour on the phone with an extremely knowledgeable tech at Quicken/Intuit. She came in to my computer remotely and had me do well of 20 different things. No connection to Citibank could be made. She had me generate sever log files which she then retrieved for their use. Then she had me on hold for quite some time while she and others got on the phone with Citibank. At the end she said they are working with Citibank and will either call me or email me when the situations is resolved. Fingers crossed. The first person here that makes the connection please let us all know
  • SusieSusie Member ✭✭
    That’s great news! Please post when/if you hear anything
  • taffeystaffeys Member ✭✭

    Nice work! Now let's see how they execute.
  • dpddpd Member ✭✭
    With Quicken since the early 90's ---- Quicken & Citibank have been like "water & oil" for years. New owners of Quicken have done NOTHING to fix these many issues with Citibank.

    CEO of new Quicken company should be spending his time fixing this issue vs writing emails about "future" improvements.
  • DAFDAF Member ✭✭
    I am having the same problem, first error CC-601, deactivated the account, and now I can't activate it again and I get the same " sorry, we encountered an error it;s not your fault" message. First it was issued with downloading Vanguard info (still unsolved after more two months) and now Citi ... I am beginning to wonder if Quicken is worth the hassle.
  • Bob UhlBob Uhl Member ✭✭
    I have a Citi Bank Savings account that this is affecting with Citibank for about a week now, error cc-601. My Citi Cards are synchronizing fine.
  • gooddog50gooddog50 Member ✭✭
    Spent over 1/2 hour yesterday with Quicken "technical support", then 1/2 hour with a very sharp supervisor, then 45 minutes with a Citi (smart) tech support. Same problem as mentioned on other posts here. Citi/Costco Visa card will download transactions, but will not update pending bills due in the Bills & Income Tab (Quicken Premier). Had difficulty hearing clearly the first Quicken "tech", as conversation was frequently interrupted by rooster crowing in the background (seriously!). Elevated call to supervisor (took 20 minutes to transfer), got pretty well educated sup' that honestly worked diligently to try and fix the issue. We removed the account in Quicken, removed the permissions in the Citi website, re-established the account and permissions, ran file validation, cleared (again) cache, etc.. Really, she was very thorough and a credit to the staff. Then she mentioned that Quicken was having issues with the Citi server. I suggested that should have been mentioned by the first tech and we could have possibly saved a lot of heartache. Call ended and I spoke with Citi techs (really, I got through!). They went over most of the same issues on their end (deleting the app permission in their site and re-establishing the link), again a pretty up to speed technician, but said the issue was with Quicken, just like the Quicken tech said it was a Citi issue.
    The problem really appears to be with the 3rd party vendor Quicken uses to interface with the two companies. They're the ones that has to make it sync. Obviously, with this many people voicing problems, it's not an individual issue, something changed. It would be most helpful if Quicken would better publish these known issues, instead of a quick mention, and virtually no follow up.
    I've attached a couple of images showing adding back the Citi account in the Bills & Income section. The "No Bill Due" screenshot shows no bill due (Due the 16th of July and posted on Citi's website), the Missing account shot is showing that the account ID is missing when deleting the Citi account in Quicken. For those familiar, there is always digits here, frequently the last 4 of the account ID, just showing that parts are missing...
    Oh, and just to add to the chorus. I took out my brand new Microsoft Surface and downloaded Quicken, and tried to add Citi Card account. No joy, could not even get the account to link up. Gave me the "wrong password or username" and "it's not your problem" errors.
    And we're paying for this ??
  • dpddpd Member ✭✭
    Re: CC-601, was told today by Quicken Support that I should not deactivate and reactivate since Quicken & Citi are working together to resolve some new Citi protocols. Should be resolved within days --- was told this AM (6/25/20).
    Hope this is not Quicken BS!
  • hyemmhyemm Member ✭✭
    I am no longer getting CC-601. Now I get Oops, there is a connection problem. Quicken can't add this account because the Citibank website is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in a few hours

    see attached
  • SusieSusie Member ✭✭
    Download jus worked!
  • hyemmhyemm Member ✭✭
    UPDATE! I was able to activate and link my citibank accounts to the ones existing in Quicken and everything works
  • gooddog50gooddog50 Member ✭✭
    edited June 25
    All systems GO! Linked up, transactions downloaded, next bill updated.
    Thanks to all that made it work.
    BTW, I did have to delete the Citi Card account in Quicken Bill & Income, and re add it back in to get all to work. FWIW
  • josephcaseyjosephcasey Member ✭✭
    Today I did not receive the CC-601 error but I only received updates for my checking account and not my credit card. I'm using EWC to connect.
  • Dennis4@[email protected] Member ✭✭
    lol, ridiculous, received an email that cc-601 with Citibank is fixed. HA. I did new download of Quicken software, tried to download transactions and received the same CC-601. It is always with Citi, whats up with this???? What is the purpose of one step update if I have to continuing download the info from Citi site of my five accounts to apply in Quicken
  • Dennis4@[email protected] Member ✭✭
    Before downloading from Citi, I opened up one of my Citi accounts and used the update on that account. One step update was giving me CC-601 after update Quicken software and also before the update. That DID work, at least I have a work around compared to getting the info from Citi. After that I did an one step update again and now that seems to work. Hope this helps !!!
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