I cannot reset a bill reminder


I have the latest version of Quicken Premier for Windows (R26.23)

I just switched from Quicken 2017, and the new version of Quicken does not easily allow me to change the date of a bill. I need to do this so that I can pay the bill again, when I have extra charges on a credit card or other such bills that are monthly - but need to be paid a second time.

In the previous version 2017, I would be able to go to next month's bill and change the current and future bill and set the date to this month so that it would create a second bill for me for this month. In the new/current version of Quicken no matter how many times I try that - the new bill is not created and I have to manually pay the bill by copying the past one in the register and resetting the amount and date to what I need, which is not good at ALL imho

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