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Projected balances/Lowest balance forecast to have custom start date

This has long been something I've been looking to suggest.
2 parts to this
1) on the reminders/lowest balance forecast (lbf) - the date(s) of the lowest balance would be very useful. just saying between now and some date 30, 60, 90 days in the future, the lbf is $x, is helpful but leaves the user searching for the date(s). It would be extremely useful to have it say: lowest balance forcast before (end date): $x on (date(s) of lbf).
2) when setting the lbf/projected balances it would be useful to be able to see the monthly lbf for each month in the next 4 and/or be able to specify a start date --
use case: yes I know that within the next 14 days my lbf will be the lbf within the next 4 months, but what is the lbf starting at (now+15) within the next 4 months.

Thank you
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