Quicken Bill Manager - Still not worth Using Quicken

Today got this message in Quicken Bill Manager that I need to verify or remove accounts for the Bill Manager to work.

"Attention: Important Upgrade required for Online Bills"

I have one bill that needed removed, click the remove and it says removed, but it is still there and you can not use Bill Manager at all.

Spend almost two hours with tech support online and the only thing right now is to do a super validate which clears the "Attention" message, but you still can not remove the bad payee and the next time you open Quicken it is back to were you can't even use Bill Manager.

It says this Bills not support but was in there list when it was first set up, and checked it is still in Quicken's list.

So, to use Bill Manager I must Super validate my file every time just to pay a bill.

This is just one of many problems Quicken has., and they need to bite the bullet and fix the issues now.

I have been a Quicken user since the DOS version.

Quicken i am asking my subscription be refunded NOW, and fix the problems of your software.

1. Fix Bill Manger so it is useable and you can pay bills not using only quick pay.

2. Fix the issue of the Check Pay showing the wrong address on the check that are sent, and allow the users to change or fix the address.

3. I have a couple of Payees that fail every time and you have to revalidate you log in, and additional information.

That is just a few of the problems.

I again requesting a refund of my subscription for this year, and the software be fixed.


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    Greg and Sherlock

    This is not an issues with trying to get my money back, this is an issue with a product that doesn't work the way it is advertised and premium tech support that hasn't fixed any major issued I have had as advertised. I have been more then patient.

    This is a consumer compliant issue and needs to be treated as such.
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    Thanks to Bob. member, suggestion I found a similar way.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I found something that worked, no thanks to Quicken Support.

    Any one having this problem try this.

    It appears even though it has a check mark and says validate or ask to be remove tat Quicken has either change servers on done a server update and the records of the Online Bills are not actually validating, this has work so far for me, it is and will be a pain if you had a lot of online bills.

    1. Open Quicken
    2. Go to File
    3. File Operations
    4. Hold ctrl and shift down and click validate and repair
    5. Check super validate and run
    6. Enter Password and confirm Password - I suggest adding password to your file, you can use the same one you had, if you prefer.
    7. When done proceed and open Quicken
    8.. Go to BILLS & INCOME, you should see what it looked like prior to the errors.
    9.Under "Last update [date at time} click the Gear Wheel and click Validate Online Billers. You see Online billers not connecting or communicating, I don't recall exactly what it said.

    @" and it will give the name of the Billers,

    Keeping repeating step 9, to you see no Billers, and a button to add a biller.

    This deleted all my billers after 4 times but it also remove the Biller that was causing me my remove biller problem.

    The down side is that I am going to have to add back the any biller that I want to Quick Pay for.

    I added one back and tested it with paying and sign in and out of Quicken a few times and it seems to be working.

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