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The new Delete Button in C2R should be placed to the right of the Accept All and Accept Buttons

miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
The new Delete Button in C2R  (Compare To Register) should be placed to the right of the Accept All and Accept Buttons that are used much more often and users (ME) are used of the Accept All Button being 1st.

I would suggest Delete Button would be better placed between "Accept" and "Finish Later"

I find I am frequently hitting the Delete Button by accident when trying to Accept ALL. It is better practice to not change existing features unless needed and nothing is gained by putting Delete 1st.

PS: Good Job otherwise on implementing this very long requested feature!
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  • ddperrywa
    ddperrywa Windows Beta Beta
    I totally agree! Please move the DELETE Button to make it last option instead of First
  • Bruce Buckley
    Bruce Buckley Member ✭✭
    YES! PLEASE move it. It's dangerous where it is.
  • joebw43
    joebw43 Member ✭✭
    Yes, I totally agree, the delete button should be between the "Accept" and the "Finish" buttons, or maybe even all the way to the right side of the Finish button. I have to concentrate on "not" hitting the delete button when aiming for the "Accepting All" button (life is rough, huh?)
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