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i am running quicken 2015 for my personal use. I've used several versions of Quicken over 25+ years

I have my personal bank on Quicken 2015. I want to add another bank account, but I'm not having any luck setting it up. What is my problem?

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  • always, when I was working and with older versions of quicken i have been able to set of several checking accounts in Quicken. I can't do that now. what am i doing wrong?
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  • splasher
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    To emphasize what Q-Tyka stated, when you create an account in a version of Quicken that is not supported for online banking (like QW2015), you have to deal with it manually.  You do NOT select the financial institution from a list, you do it all manually just like a cash account, but do it from the checking/saving selection.
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    Please note that this Community is not a live-chat system. You post your question and then you lean back and wait for someone to come by, read your question and post an answer.

    As to your question: Q 2015 is no longer supported and, as such, can no longer connect to banks for transaction downloading. When adding a new account, the default is to connect to the bank to obtain account information. Since that no longer works for you ...
    If you want to add a new account, you need to add it as a Manual account.
    When you start the Add Account process, after selecting Checking as the account type, you will be prompted for the name of your bank. Instead of entering the name click the "Advanced Setup" text link at the bottom of the window. On the next window select "I want to enter transactions manually". Now follow the rest of the instructions to setup your new account, enter the Opening Balance and Date and you're all set.
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