Account List display consistent with Categories additional, resizable col.

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Would like the Account list display, like categories - able to show/hide other columns, also resizable columns. Been a while since I looked at the description of each account and didn't realise how out of date mine were and inconsistent. If I could see the other fields like description, load type etc. it will help me manage them. Most of the header data can only be seen by going into every account individually to edit/display, then search through various tabs?

Simple, not a major issue - but indictive of how different parts have evolved differently?
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    If you're looking at the Account List, from the Tools Menu (and not the Account sidebar) ...
    There's an Options button at the bottom of the view window. Click it to select or deselect individual list columns. Not all available columns are selected by default.
    However, not all columns available in Edit Account Details are available in the Account List view.
    Be sure to click the "Show hidden accounts" checkbox to include hidden accounts in the list.
    There also is the Manage Hidden Accounts view, available from the Tools Menu, if you need to work with the various "Hide", "Keep Separate" or "Close account" settings available for each account.
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