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RESOLVED 8/11/20: NEW 6/29/20 "Oops, something went wrong" Error when signing into Quicken ID

Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
We are investigating reports of Users receiving a "Oops, something went wrong" error when signing into the Quicken ID in Quicken for Windows.

If this error is received, please sign out of the Quicken ID, create a temporary data file and sign-in to the temporary file, to work-around this issue while our Team is investigating the root cause.

To sign out:
  1. Go to the Edit menu > Preferences > Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts and click the "Sign in as a different user" link on the right side of the window.  
  2. In the dialogue window that opens, type "yes" in the box to confirm you want to sign out.
  3. Sign back in to Quicken when presented with the sign-in window.
If you would like to be automatically notified as updates and/or a resolution becomes available to this issue, please "bookmark" this Alert by clicking the yellow star icon in the upper right of the post.

Thank you!


  • RESOLVED 8/11/20

    This Alert has been marked as resolved, however, this Announcement will remain available for anyone who may still be experiencing an issue.

    Thank you! 

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