How do I "follow a transfer"?

I want to click on an item in a register that either has a transfer to another register (perhaps in a split) or a transfer from another register and "do something" to open and select the item in the other register. Sorry I'm new to this. There must be a way, I just can't find it.

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    Hi @Indiangrass,

    [Edited to address Mac]

    It is my understanding that this feature is no longer available for Mac users - sorry for any confusion!

    The method for windows is:
    If it is a transfer - just "right-click" anywhere in the transaction and then select "Go to matching transfer" and that will do it!


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  • Indiangrass
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    Yikes, Windows only? Thanks for your help. I'll let this simmer a bit in case a Mac user knows a trick.
  • Indiangrass
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    Thank you J_Mike. Just what I needed.
  • harringg
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    Thank you for that. New to Quicken Subscription service on my Mac. I was able to import my checkbook and Best Buy Card, and correctly transfer between accounts. I did notice if I change the source (name or category) after setup, it breaks the transfer. Anyway to keep that intact?
  • harringg
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    Followup. If I have an Automobile loan through my bank and auto transfer $500 from checking to loan, when linked to bank, it shows $500 out of checking and ~$465 reduction of loan balance (principle). I split the parent account to reflect principle of 465 and interest of 35. But when I transfer, it creates a duplicate entry in the loan register. Anyway to "transfer" a split?
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