Quicken not saving changes to registers

Hi all, I have been using Quicken for years, but ever since this new 2020 install, I have had major problems.

The most problematic is that I can open my Quicken file and make adjustments/changes to transactions, but when I re-open, I find those changes have NOT been saved. If I look in File explorer, I see that, for instance, even though I made changes to my file today, the file itself has not been modified since a week ago.

On a related note, I cannot back up my current file, nor can I validate & repair. If I go to restore my most recent back up, I also get an error that I cannot "save" my backup in a location because my "file name cannot be found." What?!

I am very frustrated with how much time this 2020 release has eaten up, and I am not willing to spend another whole day on the phone with their support. I am hoping that you frequent users/experts have some ideas about what the heck is going on. Otherwise, I'm thinking I am done with Quicken for good.

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  • oldngrmpy1
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    What I would try is a clean uninstall/reinstall after your save save the file and rename it.
  • MeganL
    MeganL Member
    Well, it appears, Sherlock, that you have solved my problem! I followed the advice of the previous member and did a clean uninstall/reinstall as well. Thank you SO MUCH. Quicken owes you one for not losing a customer! Do you happen to know why on earth something like the length of the file name would matter? Just curious.
  • GeoffG
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    Quicken was developed in the 80's when the only operating system was PC DOS. File name requirements were xxxxxxxx.xxx back then and even though the OS has evolved, sadly Quicken in this regard, has not. There was a time when Quicken expanded the file name for the data file to as I recall 32 characters and the file issues began.
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