Vendor Invoice needs more columns, item, qty,

If you are a reseller, Quicken H&B gives you item numbers to add to the customer invoice. So why does Quicken H&B not provide you with item numbers on the Vendor Invoice? It seems like a given that the Vendor Invoice should have that column as well as a Quantity column. Something else that is missing is a way to design the Vendor Invoice form.
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  • UKR
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    Quicken does not have support for tracking inventory items. And that's most likely why the programmers did not bother with Quantity fields in the Vendor Invoice. All they wanted to do is to make it possible to quickly and easily record a Vendor Invoice, categorize the line items and continue.
    That, IMHO, also explains why you can't modify the layout of the Vendor Invoice. IIRC, up until a few years ago, one couldn't even print Vendor Invoices.
    "Why not?" you ask? Because you have a copy of the vendor's invoice to work with.

  • SeaViewDive
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    UKR: I don't care to keep track of inventory. If I sell five widgets to a customer, I then need to purchase five widgets from my supplier and send the supplier that same information (a Purchase Order). I'd like to rename the Vendor Invoice to "Purchase Order" have the item names on it with the quantity I want to purchase. As I said, I don't care about inventory counting. I just find it strange that you can put item names with quantities on the customer invoice and not on a Vendor Invoice.
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