Allow Credit/Equity Line of Credit accounts on Paycheck Wiz /Bill Reminder Account Graphs

I use a Home Equity Line of Credit account as my main chequing account. In fact part of the terms of the bank is that this has to be selected as your main account for salary deposits. Line of Credit works just the same as a credit card account. So this account appears along side my Credit card in the Account Bar.

There are several functions where Quicken limits you to selecting only Bank/Cash accounts that I cannot setup properly. eg. Paycheck wizard will only allow bank/cash accounts. I have to work around this using a straight normal reminder but it impacts Life Planner/Retirement projections. The Bills Reminders account graph is another that will not display my LOC. Quite a while ago even loan or mortgage payments would not allow payment from Credit/LOC accounts. There are other areas also.

There are work arounds - but I do not see the logic. This seems like an artificial restriction as all accounts function in the same way. Why not let the user decide?
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