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Sometime back, I remember the Windows version had the option to customize the Sidebar's calculation of Net Worth. It allowed me to keep an account that I managed front and center in the Sidebar, but there was a setting per account I could check to not include it in the Sidebar's Net Worth total.

Why would I want this? Say I keep a cash register for cash purchases, but I don't reconcile it, or I manage an account for an elderly parent or a child that doesn't contribute to my net worth, or I created a deposit account (that I also don't reconcile) for tracking deposits in a dedicated register, or maybe for whatever reason I have an asset that I track but don't want to include in my Net Worth, these are all accounts I want easy access to in my Sidebar, but don't want included in the Sidebar's Net Worth total. I want to be able to arrange them according to their account type, just like the others, not push them aside to some lower section of the Sidebar (as I seem to remember happened in a later Windows version)– I just don't want them included in the Sidebar's Net Worth total. Did I mention some of my accounts in the Sidebar I don't want included in the Sidebar's Net Worth total?
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    This is what you use the new "Separate Account" feature for: accounts you want to see in the sidebar, but not have included in your Net Worth. But there's no functionality yet to be able to edit and re-arrange elements of the sidebar however you wish -- but we've been told this is coming in the future.

    From what they've done in the 5.17 release, I'm guessing when they let users create their own account groups, they don't intend to allow mixing "separate" accounts above the Net Worth total. It makes sense for all accounts to total to the Net Worth, and then list any accounts not included in the Net Worth separately. In your examples, money you manage for a parent or child isn't your money, so it shouldn't be part of your Net Worth; other cash you hold, whether reconciled or not, is still your money and should count in your Net Worth. That's just my guess about whether they're headed; we'll see how it actually comes about in future releases.
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  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    I would guess they will do something similar to what is done in Quicken Windows.
    Quicken Windows doesn't allow for custom groupings (a request feature they have never done), but it does have a few built in ones with somewhat flexibility to move accounts between them.  Note it sounds like the Mac Net Worth total is above the Separate section, but it is added up the same way the Separate section isn't in that total.

    So first you have your major groupings, Banking, Investing, Property & Debit, and there are some sub groupings that are only done with a line separating out checking, savings, credit cards, and investing from retirement.

    The "More Accounts" hold the hidden accounts and if you click on it the list of them comes up in a menu.

    So in the Separate you can see how they are all grouped in one major section, but also separated by their "intent"/group that they would be in above if they weren't separate.  Note that whereas the "major" groups Banking, Investing, ... above have totals on them, in the Separate section they don't.
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Chris_QPW Quicken Mac already has subgroups for all the major groups (e.g. the Banking group has subgroups of Cash, Savings and Credit Card; Investing has subgroups for Brokerage and Retirement, etc.) but users have no control over the order or the groupings. What the developers have said here on this forum, in a thread marked as "Planned", is this: "We are currently investigating account list customization options, however, these options may be more like enabling custom groupings rather than an alphabetical ‘sort’."
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  • MarkyBCus
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    I'm the original poster of this inquiry, but for some reason my account has been inexplicably erased, and now shows as "Unknown." So, I didn't see any of these replies. Thank you for your input everyone. The most recent update to Quicken for Mac seems to make a few steps forward in this regard, while taking steps backwards as well, IMO.

    I appreciate more control over the side-bar, but I feel their solution is overly complex. Though I can now accurately reflect my Net Worth based on my criteria, it’s created a lot more clutter. I don’t see any reason one would need to see hidden accounts in the sidebar at all. The whole point is they are “hidden.” Now "separate accounts," sure, but why do they have to be in another section all the way at the bottom? Why can't I just have the option to keep "Separate Accounts" in line with their account category, but separate them from Net Worth calculations? As I've mentioned previously, probably like a 10 yr old Quicken for Windows use to allow you to just tick a box to prevent an account from being included in the Net Worth, and you were allowed to keep it in the Sidebar with other like-account types.

    I like the idea of having a "Separate Accounts" section as an OPTION, but not the ONLY way to have them organized in the side bar. Relegating some "separate accounts" to the far bottom of the Sidebar is inconvenient. Just because it's "separate", doesn't mean it's less important and can't be placed along with other primary accounts. (i.e. a shared household expenses account, elderly parents account, etc.). Also @jacobs I think you may have missed my point in regards to not wanting a Cash account I use (but don't reconcile) not included in my Net Worth. You say, "...other cash you hold, whether reconciled or not, is still your money and should count in your Net Worth." I don't agree. Not if it's simply an account you've created to track spending, but don't reconcile in any way. Reconciling and associating each cash expense with each cash withdrawal in the associated checking account would be too tedious. I already deal with linking each deposited check in a deposit register I created, with each deposit made into the associated account, which is a total pain. But having those dedicated deposit registers makes tracking earnings for multiple clients, payroll companies and union helpful.

    Also, what's the point of keeping CLOSED accounts in the sidebar at all? That should automatically hide an account from the sidebar altogether. If someone needs to still reference a CLOSED account, they should A) not close it, or B) navigate into the account lists to check it for whatever reason they might need to. As it stands, I have 20 yr old Credit Cards and old banking accounts, that are still part of my data file (for historical tracking), but I have no need for them to litter my sidebar, even under some "hidden" sub-section. I just honestly don't see the point of having a "hidden" sub-section at all. It's counterintuitive.