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Increase startup time by not forcing site login

I've been using Quicken Desktop for decades. Once upon a time, I could log into my files quickly. Since Quicken became its own company, and especially these past couple of years, program launch has become much slower. When I launch the program, I get two windows: the Enter Data File Password prompt, and behind it the main Quicken window - which shows Sign In (Quicken ID / Password window). If I enter my correct Data File Password in the foreground prompt, the main window sits and thinks for up to 15 seconds before finally showing me my accounts - which gives me not enough time to actually enter my Sign In information, but still takes a whopping 15 seconds on a power video-making machine with an 8-core processor, GTX 1080, and a 300Mbit Internet connection... If I then go to Help / Check Membership Status, it shows that my membership is up to date - proving that I am indeed Signed In to the site, and not just into my data file. This launch behavior is both confusing and extremely annoying. First, why does the program request my Sign In info - in the background - if entering my Data File password - in the foreground - logs me in without even having to use that Sign In screen? Second, why does Quicken Desktop even check for whether or not I am Signed In to the site, since I use my files locally? (I don't use the online banking features at all.) PLEASE fix all this somehow so that the Sign In screen ONLY appears if you enter the wrong Data File Password, and so that the launch time matches the power of the user computer - my Adobe Premiere Pro launches faster than Quicken!!!
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