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Duplicate Hidden accounts (Q Mac)

Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones Member ✭✭
When I upgraded to 5.17 and the Hidden accounts started showing, everyone of them had a duplicate account with 2 after the name. Like Heloc and Heloc 2. Some with duplicate info and some with different info. And some with transactions that include an open balance from an account that should have a 0 balance. The thought of having to go through dozens of accounts to see if they need to be closed or deleted is really a drag. And I have to because any errant balance shows up in my net worth. Who thought this was a good idea????


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Hi, Leslie:

    It's not a bad idea, especially once you figure out your visibility options.

    While I could be wrong, I suspect that the update merely unearthed an old problem you had and hadn't noticed. Having all those duplicate accounts (appended with 2) sounds like you, at one point in the past, imported an older Quicken import file (QXF or 2007) file into your existing file. This will duplicate everything, including hidden accounts.

    I suggest you go into Accounts: Hide and Show accounts. There you can see the visibility options. You can quickly hide all the accounts to keep them from impacting your Net Worth without having to Close the Accounts.

    You can later go back and examine which accounts are the wrong one (with non zero balances) if you so desire. It might even be a case where you can delete the older hidden accounts because they shouldn't have been there in the first place. Obviously make backups before you attempt that.
  • Leslie Jones
    Leslie Jones Member ✭✭
    Thanks John. You are probably correct. I have upgraded several times over the last 30 years + I have been using Quicken Mac. Since Therese were all hidden before I never noticed it.
    I am deleting the extras that have no transactions but unless I am mistaken with the new update “hidden” affects your net worth. “Separate” doesn’t. So I still need to go thru them methodically. Some are securities that have duplicate transactions so it is labor intensive.
  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Yes, Keep Separate is what you want to keep it from affecting Net Worth.

    You might wish to simply mark all these errant accounts as Separate and Hidden for now so they don't affect the Net Worth and reporting. Then, you can later come back and deal with them.


    If you hover over the Hidden Accounts header under Separate accounts, you can choose to expand the disclosure triangle. That way, you can see which accounts have balances and which ones you need to tackle first. I suspect the ones with balances are the erroneous ones as the true account was closed/hidden when you actually closed it in real life.

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