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QBM Is a really abysmal substitute for Quicken Bill Pay. I have spent awhile learning it and finally discarded it altogether. This is primarily because it will not let me schedule payments. That means I have to go back and redo work that's already been done.....duplicating effort and causing missed payments as well as duplicated payments. Too bad Quicken decided to go in this direction as they lost all my "bill pay" business. I suspect that I'm not the only one who found another way.


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    Do you know they now allow scheduling future payments? I have tried a few Quick & Check payments since they have added the scheduling capability.  Apparently, there is a limit to how far in advance you can schedule but it seems to work OK near term.
    There are a variety of other issues that concern me with the Quick Pay process so I'm still considering alternatives and may change when my Premier subscription expires.
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    I believe someone said that the limit is 45 days in advance.

    Personally I don't use a bill pay system at all. But in fact if I did Quicken Bill Manager would be the very last one I would consider.  I would certainly use the one on my financial institution's website before it.


    Because it is based on the "Online Bills"/Bill Presentment system that has been in Quicken for a number of years and I have tried to use it for years and had all kinds of problems with it so that I finally just gave trying.

    What problems?
    1. Bills not being updated.  Everything from some bills always being right, to some that are every 2 months, being changed to monthly, to bills that "sometimes" update, to bills that never update.
    2. At one point it corrupted my data file so bad I gave it to Quicken Inc so they could use it to find out what was corrupting everyone's data file. They worked on it for a week (active working as in the CEO even was doing some testing on it).  They did get it fixed and did find the problem and solve it, but things like that make me nervous that "bill presentment" even has the possibility to corrupt a data file to the point it was unusable.  That was years ago.
    3. From day one they implemented I disliked what they did to "estimates".  They removed that ability and at best you get the amount of the last bill as the prediction for all future bills.  At the worst when some bills are in "Awaiting for Next Bill" state the future prediction for payments is zero!
    And that is just with the bill presentment side of this.  I can't imagine all the possible problems you might have with actually paying a bill through this system.

    And there is one more very important reason I wouldn't use this service.  We all know that this is Quicken sending a command to the third party to actually send the payments.

    Does anyone even know the name of that third party service?
    (I think it might have been mentioned in some beta I was in, but I forget it and I wouldn't be able to tell if I did because it isn't public information).

    How do you deal with a problem with a bill if you can't even contact the actual company that sends out the payment?
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    Chris-QPW, you seem to be confused about the new Quicken Bill Manager that is replacing Quicken BillPay. It is BillPay that used a third party to handle the payments (and I had no trouble with it). That third party got out of the business of supporting Quicken BillPay and Quicken wrote their own system to replace it. It is quite different. You give it what account you will be sending the payment from, and Quicken sends it from that account. At first it had the limitation that it couldn't schedule payments (you could only pay right now), but they've added the ability to schedule payments in the future. Frankly, it does all I need it to do. That doesn't mean you have to use it, of course, but the reasons not to shouldn't be based on a misunderstanding.
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    Actually I believe that Quicken is not acting as a payment processor, like BillPay was. I think that Bill Manager is using "screen scraping" or API/WebService to connect and login to the billers website and do an online payment via the biller's website online payment process. One reason for thinking that is after paying a bill to Honda Finance I got an email alert that my Financial Insitution (bank) account info had been successfully added to my account profile at Honda Finance. I entered my bank's account info in myself.
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    Just find a bank that supports direct connect, switch to it and move on. Quicken has a master list of banks you can use its from March 2019. 

    here it is:

    I switched banks back in March just after the first notice and everything is fine. I dont pay extra fees either. 
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