Unable to Close Account - Online Services Expired

Hi all,

The Connected Services piece of my version of Quicken (Deluxe 2017) expired on April 30, 2020, which is causing me some issues right now.

I tried to close an account within Quicken (savings account) that was previously set up for One-Step Updates, but now since that feature is no longer available, I can't close the account (Account Details > Display Options > Close Account).

Attempting to deactivate the transaction download function (Account Details > Online Services > Deactivate) and closing the account results in a window popping up showing that it's connecting ... and then it just gets stuck and I can't do anything else except force-close.

I know I can "hide" the account, but is there any workaround to allow me to formally and officially close the account w/o purchasing a subscription?


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