Calendar account balances don't match after changing mortgage amounts

When I change my mortgage payment, the account balance graph is incorrect... I can easily reproduce this issue... I'm using Quicken Deluxe 2020 Ver R27.28 Build (but can reproduce in any previous version as well - this bug has been around for many years):

1. Set up a new data file.
2. Create checking account
3. Add income reminder ($500 every 2 weeks)
4. Add a MORTGAGE loan type manually ($50,000, 0% interest, 30 years)... In "Other", enter $200, and in "Extra Principal paid monthly" add $161.11 (this should make it an even $500 total payment). Click next all the way through, adding the loan payment reminder as it requests.
5. Go to the calendar view. Show the Account Balance Graph. Show only the checking account.
6. Enter your first monthly payment transaction from the calendar. So far, everything is as it should be. $500 is taken out of the daily balance when the loan payment is made. All the rest of the future payments show $500 being taken from the balance, just as they should.
7. EDIT a future loan reminder. Edit the amount due, and in the split, remove the $161.11 principal payment. Click "Adjust" to make the total $338.89. Save the loan reminder.

You Account Balance Graph for the checking account does NOT decrease at all now. It SHOULD be reducing by $338.89 every month.

Is this a known bug? If so, how can I fix it if I've already got payments on the account. I'd prefer not to delete the mortgage account and then backtrack and re-enter all my payments.


  • Quicken Diana
    Quicken Diana Moderator, Employee mod

    Hello @ Unknown

    Thank you for posting in the Community today, though I’m sorry that you have not yet received a response. I replicated your loan situation exactly and the presentment in the calendar is as expected, with the monthly decrease indicated after editing the amount due. (removing the payment of 161.11)

    I did notice however, that when I changed the size of my Quicken program window, the amount on the side of the graph changed, as there was more space to show more information. The first screenshot is my program, minimized. The second is the program in the maximum view option. The graph in the first indicates the balance to be at about -$300. The view from the second shows the balance to be at about -$600.




    Could the view of your program be the culprit? Though the view of the Account Balance Graph may not be indicating as expected, does the daily balance on the Calendar indicate the correct amount as mine does?

    One more thing, when editing the reminder, did you edit just the current reminder or all future instances, as this might be causing the discrepancy as well.

    Thank you

    -        Quicken Diana 

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