Super Validate finds same errors every day



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    BTW In my first description of all of this above I forgot to point out something.  Say you are foolish enough to use Quicken Bill Manager.  Well for that Quicken stores in the data file information about your bills and such, but that clearly isn't the extent to the information stored.  Most likely there is information in the cloud data set, but for certain there is information store on the third party servers.  But even more than that remember what this is doing, it is logging into the "biller's website" and setting up a bill payment.

    Now say today you setup a bill, and then for whatever reason you need to restore to a copy of your data file from yesterday.  Now clearly what is in your data files isn't in sync with what is in the cloud data set/third party server.  How does that get back in sync?
    From posts on here it seems like basically you have to use a "validate" that's on the bills menu.  It is unclear to me what that will do.  Will it get everything back in sync?
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    I second BJB's comment. Thanks for sharing, BJB and Divemaster!
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