Anyone getting OL-393-A errors on Direct Connect since the last update?

My local credit union (Alabama Credit Union) was working fine until the last update, now although it seems to have most if not all of the correct downloads it errors out every time with a OL-393-A error . I assume it has something to do with Direct Connect since everything else is working fine. Anyone else having a problem like this?


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    @mail4dcm - How long have you been seeing this problem?  If you are just seeing it over the last couple of days it could very well be that your CU is doing system maintenance (FIs often perform system maintenance on weekends) and the only thing that can be done is to wait (perhaps as long as until the next business day but sometimes less than that) and try to update, again, later.
    If this has been happening for more than the last couple of days you can try the following steps in the order shown:
    1)  Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Update now.
    2)  If #1 doesn't fix the issue:  Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Edit account details > Online Services tab > Reset Account.
    3)  If #2 doesn't fix the issue: 
    • Backup your data file > make sure all of your cleared ("C") transactions are changed to reconciled ("R") > Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Edit account details > Online Services tab > Deactivate > General tab > remove all information in the Financial Institution section (upper right quadrant on this tab) > Online Services tab > Set Up Now > follow the prompts
    • During the set up process Quicken will likely ask you what to do with the information downloaded from your CU.  Be sure to select Link and select your CU account in Quicken
    • This process might also result in transactions being entered into your account register that are duplicates of what is already entered there.  Review all new transactions and change those you wish to keep from "C" to "R".  The remaining duplicate transactions will need to be manually deleted.  If you marked your "C" transactions to "R" before you started this process and changed any new transactions downloaded which you wish to keep from "C" to "R" you can filter your transactions by clicking on the Clr column header making identification of duplicate transaction and deletion of them easier.  You can then delete each duplicate transaction individually or you can do a mass deletion by clicking on the first "C" transaction, scroll down to the last one and while holding down the Shift key click on it to highlight all of the "C" transactions.  Then right click anywhere on the highlighted transactions and click on "Delete".
    #1 or #2 will often resolve many issues that occur during OSU.  #3 should only be done as a last resort as it is the most disruptive and involves more work in getting your Online Services set up again. 
    Did any of these steps fix your issue?
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