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Expired Subscription 'Warnings' taking up too much space

scouturscoutur Member ✭✭
Quicken seems to be going more downhill every year. Many of my 401K downloads did not download properly, Quicken adjusted the number of shares rather than the sale price and I have to go in and manually get things to match. Therefore I will not be renewing my membership to pay for this faulty download capability.

As a result, I now have a large banner telling me my membership is expired and a large area on the right, also telling me my membership is expired, shrinking my display area by about 25%.
I find this rather unacceptable. How do I get rid of these messages?

I also find that now Quicken is 'hanging up' where I have to go to task manager to close it.

I feel like I need to find new financial software soon and I've used quicken for 20 years. :(


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