How do I List the supporting tables: Accounts, Categories, Payees, Tags, etc

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We should be able to list each supporting table and choose which columns to include (or get all columns). For example, I would like to list Categories and show the Tax Form and Tax Line that have been assigned. That would help me or my accountant find custom Categories that are not set up properly for Tax.

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    For Categories, which you view with Window > Categories, you can only show the "Tax-related" column in the Categories list, which shows as blank or a green check mark. So it's easy to review categories without the check mark to see if any of them should be assigned to a tax category. But to review categories with he check mark to see if they are assigned to the correct Tax Form and Tax Line, you have to open each one individually to see what it has been assigned to. 

    Your title for this thread also mentions Account, Payee and Tags. You can open the window to view each list, and Control-clicking on any heading will show you if there are any additional columns available to display. The Payees window has received the most recent upgrade, allowing you to sort on any column. There is still no way to print any of these windows. I'm not sure what you want to be able to do for these? 
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    Thanks Everyone.
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