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Categorization of account types should be consistent (Checking vs. Cash accounts) (Q Mac)

CyborgOneCyborgOne Member ✭✭
When generating a report, syncing to mobile, or otherwise viewing a large set of content from my datafile, each account type is categorized alongside accounts similar to it. These include defined categories such as Checking, Savings, Credit Card, Brokerage, Retirement, Property, Debt, etc.

However, there is one oddity which is not apparent: While "Checking" accounts are indeed a separate "Type" selection, all such accounts merely shown under the "Cash" heading in the accounts list in the desktop app. They are correctly identified as a type of "Checking" when creating them, or after being modified in the Account settings themselves, but all still appear under merely a category of "Cash" in the desktop.

This is not the case in exports, reports, or on Mobile - where they are correctly categorized separately as "Checking" accounts. See screenshots, comparing desktop and mobile. Similar behavior when exporting to a report, or similar: Checking accounts are separate from Cash accounts in all of these other instances.

Why the discrepancy with the display of these accounts on Desktop?
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