Quicken Home Inventory

Curious as to why it has been decided to no longer support Home Inventory Manager, Emergency Records Organizer and Address Book. As a long time user (late 90's), this is extremely disappointing. I find it very short sighted, as the integration of these so-called "legacy" products would serve to make Quicken stand apart as an all in one solution, similar to a businesses ERP system for the homeowner. Other modules that would be useful would be a Home Maintenance Scheduler/Planner (which would also be useful for those of us who have rental properties) and a Vehicle Maintenance Scheduler/Planner.

It just seems like these modules would be relatively simple to develop and maintain, and would definitely be enhancements to an already solid product. To kick QHI and ERO to the curb is frustrating to those of us who invested a great deal of time utilizing them in the past. It would be appreciated if the powers that be would reconsider these products.


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