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How can I get Quicken to accept a download a second time?

Since Quicken created two entries on a download, I cut all of the entries for that 30 day period. So now Quicken won't accept the down load transactions. So do I need to enter hundreds of transactions manually? Is there a way to reset so that Quicken will create the transaction correctly?

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  • Standard fix for the Quicken errors. It would be nice to have Quicken do things correctly, and not create errors, where I have go back to a previous file. It would be nice to be able to print the account so that I can re-create the missing entries, but this is another that that it can't do. Quicken to way too buggy.
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    The error was yours, not Quickens.  You shouldn't have deleted ALL of those transactions.
    Q uses the "Downloaded ID" field (AKA, the "FITID") to identify duplicates.  BUT, if you changed download methods (the usual reason for mass duplicates), your BANK didn't create unique ID's for those transactions, NOT Q.
    You're in so deep, that restoring from a backup is your only option.
    ALSO, WHY can't you print out the account? "Print Transactions (CTRL-P)" is a standard features in all Q accounts ... you just need to be in the account to use that function. OR you can do REPORTS, Banking, Transaction for more control over what transactions get printed and their timeframes.
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    If the download was a Web Connect .QFX file download, you could edit the file and add a letter or number to the FITID in each transaction to make them different from the original download and therefore Quicken would re-present them for acceptance.
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    What it sounds like that you have an account setup with Express Web Connect and have got duplicate transactions.  In general when setup with this connection method whenever your reset or deactivate/activate the account for downloading the Intuit servers generate a different unique Id, which in turn results in about 30 days or duplicate transactions.

    If this is the case then resetting the account again on the Online Services tab in the account details will fetch those same transactions again.

    If on the other hand the case is that the account is setup for Direct Connect or even sometimes with Express Web Connect were if you reset that account/deactivate and reactivate and it doesn't changed the unique Ids, then you won't get the duplicates and you will have to use either restoring from back up or there is another way to approach this problem.

    Deactivate the account for downloading transactions.
    Create a new account and connect it for downloading transactions.
    Since this is a new account and the unique Ids are tied to the account you will get whatever the financial institution choose to send you on the first update, usually about 3 months of transactions.

    From there you can move transactions around between the two accounts to get whatever you can to consolidate the transactions.

    After that you can either stay with the new account or if you consolidated the transaction back in the old account deactivate the new account for downloading and then reactivate the old account for downloading.

    Use this process to move transactions between accounts:
    FAQ: How Do I Move Transactions Between Quicken Accounts? — Quicken
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  • This is all good information. I ended up retrieving a backup. I have seen Quicken do this to me before that is create double entries. It this case I may have brought the .QFX file twice. The .QFX files do have the same FITID numbers. In any case Quicken shouldn't have created the entries twice. The printing failed with an error (I think) no page selected, or nothing to print. Print to PDF was the same error. I understand that Windows 10 does have a hard time with the printer queues. It now prints as expected. Thanks for the help.
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