When I transfer from an account to a credit card, it is showing up as a payment from the original ac

win 10, using 2019, upgraded to 2020 version R27.28 Build

Payment of 53.91 transferred to a Credit Card payment.1.png

Then should be credited to an account, but adds in instead of subtracting from account. payment2.png. As can be seen their are several and they are adding to the account, but in original account they are subtracted from balance in account.

Any help would be appreciated. If you want more detailed images, they can be provided, but would rather not post to community.


  • w4qed
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    This is from Transfer from one account to another, but sometimes happens no matter from what account. The original accounts always show as a payment.
  • NotACPA
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    Without the column headers we really can't tell what we're looking at.
    And, in payment 2, if that far right column is the Balance, then you're showing a Credit Balance in the account ... meaning that you've previously overpaid.
    The Balance column in a credit card account is, typically, red.  As in "you're in the Red", meaning that you owe money.
    We'd also like to see the Account Details screen for the Credit card account, with the account number, user ID and other personal info blacked out.
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