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One step Update hanging

I see this was addressed in December but appears again after last release. One Step Update goes through various accounts until the last part and then is hanging without completion. I close the program, reopen and it works. But this reappears over time. I close, open and run the operation that eventually completes. I have Validated-no issues to repair. I also have observed a few of my "split" memorized items (e.g., paycheck) has disappeared, so I have to create the split and memorize it.

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  • Aweisman
    Aweisman Member ✭✭
    I worked with support (Diana) and fixed the issue-with the credit card. A tedious process that required skill. Then the next day got CC 800 error that was easily handled on own. Raised another credit card account briefly that was easily fixed...in the end, I'm back up and nothing is hanging anymore.
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