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Show or Hide Transfers in Reports based on Category (Q Mac)

ZoolookZoolook Member ✭✭✭
edited July 2020 in Reports (Mac)
** if this has been requested already, please link me to the request so I can upvote it**

Hi - currently you can include or exclude transfers based on whether the accounts being transferred to are included in the report, which is very useful. However, if you have a very targeted report like a principle/interest report on a loan over time, you have to include either all transfers or none, you can't select which transfers to include based on the category you used on the transfer.

Being able to separately categorize transfers in Quicken is really powerful, but your reporting on it is constrained as mentioned above.


I have Mortgage Payments as a category and Principle/Interest as subcategories where Principle is also a transfer to the mortgage account. I do this so the spending will show in the spending summary pie (because it hides transfers and you cannot override that).


This is how my transactions are entered into the register.

So when you create a report, you'd select the categories you want to report on

But when it comes to transfers, you can only either exclude all (which it does), or include all transfers or all transfers outside of the report (in which case it ignores your category selection and shows ALL transfers even those with no category).

One workaround is to include every account except the one you want reported on, but then it shows the principle payment under "transfer to" rather than the category principle, and usually introduces other noise as well, such as any other transfers to that account.

Could you add a filter to only show categorized transfers, in which case the categories selected in the Categories tab would define the population included.

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  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    "Being able to separately categorize transfers in Quicken is really powerful"

    It is also wrong by proper accounting practices. And from what I have heard is going away.

    The history is the Quicken Essentials didn't have real transfers that are linked to another account.  And when transfers were added, not to "upset" people they allowed you to categorized a transfer.  But this leads to problem in "double counting" transactions in report and budgets and such.  It is probably one of the main reasons Quicken Mac doesn't allow transfer to be included in the budgets.

    From what I understand this "miss step" is slowly being addressed with the final result being that you won't be able to categorize transfers any more.  And that is part of reworking the reports and budget to be able to select transfers (as a separate selection from selecting accounts).
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
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