Can't set up direct connection with bank

For some reason Quicken does not seem to recognize when my bank has accepted a login.

When I attempted to set up Direct Connect, and I use my current user ID and password (and I have tested with the browser interface to make sure these are correct, even just a minute ago), Quicken announces it is looking for my accounts and then returns a window saying I need to establish account and obtain credentials from my bank. It does not matter how many times I reenter my credentials and attempt to connect, somehow Quicken does not recognize the login.

I know that the login was successful, because last time I connected via the browser, it said that the last time I logged on was the time that I had last tried to connect Quicken. The history behind this includes the fact that the bank had locked me out because I changed the password on the web and then later forgot to change the password in Quicken, and multiple attempts with the old password because the lockout. It took me a couple of tries with customer support at the bank to undo the lockout and reset the password again. Finally, I reached the point where my web access via the browser was working fine. Part of that process included resetting my online connection at the direction of the bank's support person. Now, trying to set it up again, Quicken does not seem to recognize that it is successfully logging me in. I have tried deleting the password entry from the password vault, tried it without setting the option to store the password in the vault, but nothing seems to make this work. I am using Windows 10 with the current release R27.28. The bank is BBV USA.


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    Have you seen this thread?  Does it assist with understanding your issue?

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    That was a major help. My solution was not exactly the same, I had no similar pop up indication of any changes on the site, but it did lead me to check the online services. Apparently at some point around the time my account was unlocked and reset, or shortly thereafter, my Quicken was unregistered from BBVA; I had no Quicken access to any account in my online service. All I had to do was reregister, that is, request registering an account by clicking the Register button, then attempting a new connection from Quicken, and I was able to download the last five days of transactions. Problem solved.
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